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Hattrick Ranking v3.0 Beta 2

Posted in Announcements, Beta, Releases on October 26, 2008 by hugoquintela

I’ve published just now a new beta version of Hattrick Ranking. It’s available here:

This beta as virtually all the features that will be available in the final version. Now it’s time to adjust some details and do extensive testing.

This release includes a set of new features:

  1. Three additional rankings: number of victories, number of matches undefeated, and team rank.
  2. A set of graphical statistics over all the ranking rounds.
  3. A team comparison (in terms of ratings) between 2 teams.

In case you find any bug, please let us know.


Hattrick Ranking v3.0 Beta

Posted in Announcements, Beta, Releases on October 19, 2008 by hugoquintela

We have started the development of version 3.0.

The first beta is available for download here:

Please be advised that:

  1. This is a beta release. It is not complete and as not be fully tested.
  2. The file formats – used to store team lists and rankings – are not the final versions and will change in the future. This means that, after installing future versions, those files will not be recognized by the application.
  3. Some of the features included in this version will change in the final version. Other features are simply not implemented yet.

Having this in mind, we would appreciate your comments and suggestions to improve the application.

Hattrick Ranking v2.07

Posted in Announcements, Releases on October 19, 2008 by hugoquintela

The latest version of Hattrick Ranking – version 2.07 – is available for download:

This version includes all the updates required to reflect the latest changes in the Hattrick CHPP program.


Posted in Announcements on October 19, 2008 by hugoquintela

Welcome to the new Hattrick Ranking development team blog.

From now on, all news about Hattrick Ranking, including new releases, will be published here.

Thanks for using Hattrick Ranking and please send us your comments.