Hattrick Ranking v3.20 Released!

The new version of Hattrick Ranking – v3.20 – is available from SourceForge:


This version includes the following improvements:

  1. You can add as many rounds to a ranking as you like.
  2. Ranking properties include settings to choose which rankings should be calculated (by default) for all rounds of that ranking.
  3. Round properties include the same settings to choose which rankings should be calculated. You can choose to use the settings defined in the ranking properties.
  4. Rounds are identified by name specified by the user and ordered by match dates.
  5. New salaries ranking.
  6. New TSI ranking.
  7. Best team ranking now shows the player age.
  8. All teams’ rankings are sorted by the ranking value. Tied teams are ordered by team name.
  9. Best team spots are selected according to the following criteria: stars (descending), player age (ascending), and, finally, player id.
  10. New settings to specify the default Hattrick server and to choose if the connection should be established using HT’s recommended server (for load balancing purposes).
  11. New tool that presents a list of all Hattrick skill levels in all available languages.
  12. Team compare: results now include HatStats and LoddarStats ratings.
  13. Team compare: results now include the tactic used by each team.
  14. Team compare: there is a new feature to copy the tables to the Clipboard.
  15. All rankings can now be copied to the Clipboard in HT Forums format, ready to be pasted with Foxtrick (see future versions of this application for this new feature).
  16. Bug fix: list columns including identifiers or dates are now sorted correctly.
  17. Bug fix: background operations (download) are now executed with the correct culture setting.
  18. Bug fix: numeric values are now correctly formatted according with the ranking culture setting.
  19. Bug fix: if any team is playing a match when the rankings are calculated, no error will be raised.

Happy rankings!


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