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Hattrick Ranking v3.30 Released!

Posted in Announcements, Releases on April 14, 2009 by hugoquintela

There is a new version available at usual place:

This version includes the following new features and bug fixes:

  1. The application now automatically detects new versions available at startup. This behavior can be changed in the preferences.
  2. New ranking: Form (average form of all match players).
  3. New ranking: Specialities (total number of match players with specialities).
  4. New ranking: Team TSI (average TSI of all the players).
  5. New ranking: Team Salaries (average salary of all the players).
  6. New ranking: Team Experience (average experience of all the players).
  7. New ranking: Team Form (average form of all the players).
  8. New ranking: Team Specialities (total number of players with specialities).
  9. Ball Possession Tool (calculates ball possession based on midfield ratings).
  10. Compare Ratings Tool (sector ratings comparer).
  11. Team Compare: results now include ball possession calculated based on midfield ratings.
  12. New Ratings Compare: you can now compare the ratings between two teams included in a ranking file.
  13. Bug fix: corrected an error that occurred when editing ranking and round properties that prevented the calculation settings from being correctly saved.
  14. Bug fix: editing a round now only invalidates it if the match dates are changed.
  15. Bug fix: corrected the languages used in Team Compare according with the application preferences.
  16. Bug fix: corrected the results presented in Team Compare (top and average sector ratings were incorrect).

Happy rankings!