Hattrick Ranking v3.40 Released!

There is a new version of HR available at the usual place:


This version includes the following new features:

  1. New ranking: Age (average age for all match players)
  2. New ranking: Team Age (average age for all team players)
  3. Recalculate All: allows you to recalculate all rounds in a ranking
  4. Translation to Slovak (thanks to jasvo)

And the following bug fixes:

  1. There was an error when showing a round that included players from inactive teams in the best team ranking
  2. Corrected formatting when copying a ranking to the Clipboard in HT Foruns text format
  3. Specialities rankings will no longer count players with special roles (set pieces and captain) twice
  4. Specialities ranking will only consider the players that finished the round match

Happy rankings!


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