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Hattrick Ranking v4.10 Released!

Posted in Announcements, Releases on March 11, 2011 by hugoquintela

And a new version of HR is available:

Hattrick Ranking v4.10

This version adds the translation to Swedish.

Special thanks to Izozimo for the fastest translation of an application ever!

Happy rankings!


Hattrick Ranking v4.00 Released!

Posted in Announcements, Releases on March 9, 2011 by hugoquintela

There is a new version of HR available for download:

Hattrick Ranking v4.00

This versions includes two new rankings:

  • Stamina
  • Fan club size

And a set of new features:

  • OAuth

    Support for the new Hattrick’s OAuth authorization process for CHPP products.

  • Add Multiple Rounds

    Allows you to add multiple rounds to a ranking file by specifying a start and end date.

  • Points Comparison

    Allows to build a classification based on the points obtained by all the teams in all the rounds present in a ranking file.

And a set of minor improvements:

  • Reduced file size

    In this version teams lists and rankings file require about 40% less storage space.

  • Round Calculated On

    The round ranking viewer now presents the data when the corresponding rankings were calculated.

  • Team’s Username

    All teams list include a new column with the team’s user name.

OAuth Authorization

This is the new process provided by Hattrick to allow CHPP applications to access the user’s account to download data from Hattrick servers.

The main advantages of this new scheme are:

  • CHPP applications no longer need to ask the user for his HT login and security code, thus making the authentication more secure (security info is only managed by Hattrick).
  • When the user authorizes a CHPP application to access his account that authorization will remain valid until he revokes that grant in Hattrick. This allows the application to access the data without having to ask the user permission every single time it connects to Hattrick servers.

You will notice the support for OAuth in HR the very first time you perform any operation that requires HR to connect to HT.

When that happens, HR will present you a message stating that requires authorization in a window like this one:

When you press OK, the authorization will start, HR will open a browser window to allow you to connect to HT using your normal login credentials to authorize access and obtain a verification code:

Then you’ll just need to enter that verification code in HR:

From that point on, HR will have read access to your account until you revoke that access in Hattrick (see preferences).

Add Multiple Rounds

Now you can create multiple rounds at a time for a particular ranking file.

To do that, choose “Add Multiple…” from the Round menu:

And specify a start and end date. HR will create the rounds for you.

Points Comparison

This new comparison option allows you to build a classification of all the teams in the ranking based on the points obtained in the rounds defined.

To open the Points comparison, choose “Points…” from the “Compare” menu in the toolbar:

HR will then present the classification in a new window:

I hope you like this new version. Happy rankings!