Hattrick Ranking v4.40 Released!

Version 4.40 of Hattrick Ranking is now available:


This version adds the following new features:

  • The number of records in rankings can now be limited to a given number. This is done by checking “limit number of results” in the ranking properties.
  • Teams can now be added to a teams list but providing a text containing series ids. All the teams in the recognized series will be automatically added. The new option is called “Add Teams from Text (Series)” under the “Other” menu in a teams list.

And bug fixes:

  • When adding a team to a teams list using an invalid id, a team with id 0 was being added.
  • Age rankings didn’t consider days in players’ ages.
  • Forwards in the best team ranking were not being correctly stored when saving rankings.

Special thanks to albo181 for the Italian translation and to Izozimo for the Swedish translation.

Happy rankings!

Please keep your suggestions coming…


One Response to “Hattrick Ranking v4.40 Released!”

  1. Thanks Quintela!
    Amazing JOB!

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